S.H.E’s Selina Jen Still Insecure Of Appearance After Extreme Burns 4 Years Ago



S.H.E member Selina Jen opened up about her continued insecurities regarding her appearance after suffering from extreme burns throughout her body 4 years ago.

"I didn’t used to think I wasn’t attractive before, but now I no longer feel sexually attractive…I was never a great beauty, but I was still a pretty woman. When I stood in front of the opposite sex, I could carry myself with poise, but now I have practically no confidence," Selina said.

Part of Selina’s insecurity comes from the looks she receives when out in public. The singer notices that people will look at her not because they recognize who she is, but because of what she wears to cover up her old wounds, especially when she’s travelling internationally.

Despite the troubles she has had, Selina takes comfort in the friendships she’s made and the fact that she’s in a loving marriage.

I feel safe around my friends. I don’t have to worry about them or my husband liking me. I can relax and laugh, talk about what I want to talk about, and don’t need to worry about my looks,” she said.

Even though her skin continues to be a source of insecurity, Selina says she isn’t seeking treatments to improve its appearance.

I shouldn’t have to. I’ve come to accept how I am,” she said.

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